5 Ways to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

Publish Basic Content

Even the best smartphones can’t download information as fast as your home Internet connection. By keeping your site as simple as possible, you make it easier for mobile users to view your content. That means eliminating unnecessary photos and videos. If you have something worth the wait, post it. If it’s not great, don’t bother.

Using a mobile meter will help you find out how long it takes for users to get access to your site. The faster it works, the better off you are. No one wants to waste time waiting for your blog to load.

Simplify Design

Even the biggest smartphones have small screens, making it difficult to navigate complex websites. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by making your blog too complicated. Most users are not total mobile device management experts, so you should strip down the design so anyone can find the content they want.

A simpler design is easier to navigate and faster to download. That’s a win-win that won’t cost you a thing.

Use Plugins for Mobile Users

Depending on which blog platform you use, you should have access to plugins that’ll automatically streamline your content for mobile users. Examples include:

  • WPtouch
  • WAPL
  • WP Mobile Detector

All of these plugins work with WordPress, but you can find comparable options for other platforms.

Use Responsive Design Techniques

You never know what kind of device someone will use to read your blog. If you want to make it easy for everyone, you should use responsive design techniques. This technology automatically adjusts your blog to fit the screen size of any device, whether it’s a tablet, desktop computer, or BlackBerry 10.

The only downside is that you will have to spend more on responsive designs. Unless you have a lot of Web design experience, you’ll have to hire a professional to build the site for you.

Create an App for Your Blog

Who says that you have to make one blog for the world?

Instead of publishing one blog that may not work on some devices, you can create apps designed for specific phones and tablets. That way, anyone visiting your site on a desktop or laptop will see the regular blog, but those visiting your site on a phone will use an app to get the best experience possible.

Again, the price can become a barrier here. Making multiple apps can cost a bit of money. Still, it’s an option that will make your blog more accessible. If you rely on traffic for ad revenue and sales, then paying someone to build a few apps may be worth it.

How have you made your blog more mobile friendly? Have you made any changes that have increased traffic from mobile devices?

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