Biden Is Already Failing on Climate Policy

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Biden Is Already Failing on Climate Policy
US President Joe Biden speaks about the May jobs report on June 4, 2021, at the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Convention Center.
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Photo: Jim Watson (Getty Images)

The $2.25 trillion infrastructure package that President Joe Biden proposed in March didn’t go big enough to meet the scale of the climate crisis. Now, it’s looking like we may not even see those too-small propositions come to light.


This is awful news because, with a slim Senate majority, Democrats may have a tight window of time to pass meaningful climate legislation. The disastrous process calls to mind the missteps of the Obama administration.

The White House seems more interested in chasing bipartisan support for the bill than averting climate breakdown. Last month, Biden offered to shave more than half a trillion dollars off his original proposal in an effort to get Republicans on board. Then last week, he proposed an even larger cut that would bring the total price tag down to a far-more-modest $1 trillion.

“Democrats, for some reason, start with extremely modest proposals, and then try to whittle them down into almost meaningful meaningless proposals by the time they try to negotiate,” said Mark Paul, an economist at the New College of Florida who focuses on climate.

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