Broadcasting get your Marketing Message Out

Broadcasting get your Marketing Message Out

Breeze Touchpoints let you deliver free digital content to consumers’ mobile phones, creating a memorable brand experience. The range can be controlled depending on the area you wish to cover and any device which comes into the range of the Breeze Touchpoints system, will be offered the digital content to their phone.

Using the long range option, Breeze Touchpoints automatically ‘push’ content to all Bluetooth devices within a specific location (up to approx 10 meters) and is an ideal way of getting your marketing message across to a large number of customers. 

Get your marketing message across… 

The user has the option of accepting or rejecting the message, and as the system recognises devices, this ensures the same content is not sent to the same device more than once.

You can send sequential content to consumers ie image followed by business card and you can even specify the time period between sending content to the same device ie every two hours or every nth visit. 

Add impact to your campaign or event… 

Breeze Touchpoints can be used in a range of different environments and is ideal in high capacity areas where you wish to target a large number of people such as exhibitions, events, train stations, stadiums etc. We report back on the number of messages sent, accepted and declined, letting you accurately measure the success of your campaign. 

Lexus used the Breeze Touchpoints long range option at the 2005 Sydney Motor Show to send their business card to the mobile phones of visitors at their stand.  The Breeze Touchpoints transmitter was attached to the rigging in the centre of the stand and automatically offered visitors to the stand, the Lexus Business Card – over 14,000 Business cards were sent out over the duration of the show.

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