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Did You Say $500,000 For A Virtual Plot Of Land?

Catch up with the Hacker Noon Editors This Week on Planet Internet — Amy Tom, Limarc Ambalina, and Natasha Nel are wrapping their head’s around a delicious piece of news in the NFT world. A plot of land on the Decentraland platform was sold for $572,000 ?


– Will China’s Digital Yuan enable more money laundering, or will it have the opposite effect as China’s CBDC intends? ? (00:45)
– More vaccine dram ? French influencers were offered €2,000 to claim that Pfizer is causing more deaths than AstraZeneca. We’re scared for the world ? (05:28)
– Amy’s research process for getting her COVID-19 vaccine was… admittedly less than thorough ? (07:03)
– Over in Norway, Tesla’s under some fire for a software update that reduced battery capacities and charging speeds… oh, btw they didn’t even reply to the lawsuit. Okay, Elon ? (10:43)
– Okayyyyy, so what’s the deal here? Is Europe just a lot better at regulating/punishing big tech than America is? Or is there something that Natasha is missing here? ? (11:32)
– So.. you’re telling me that a piece of virtual real-estate sold for over $500,000 USD?! ? (15:52)
– Limarc helps Natasha and Amy cross The Bridge of Understanding (cue magical chime sounds) into the virtual world ? but like… for real… why would I pay half a million for a plot of virtual land? (18:09)
– Oh, and Natasha has strong feelings about Eurovision. She refuses to watch the Will Farrell Eurovision movie because "it’s not okay" ? (21:04)

Read the tech stories talked about in this podcast:

1. Norway fines Tesla (https://www.engadget.com/norway-fines-tesla-for-reducing-battery-capacities-and-charging-speeds-122531410.html?guccounter=1) for reducing battery capacities and charging speeds by Steve Dent
2. The Digital Yuan is China’s Biggest Pushback Against Global AML Initiatives on Hacker Noon by@hughharsono (https://hackernoon.com/the-digital-yuan-is-chinas-biggest-pushback-against-global-aml-initiatives-qz6p34j9)
3. French influencers offered €2,000 to claim Pfizer vaccine is dangerous (https://www.connexionfrance.com/index.php/French-news/French-influencers-offered-2-000-to-claim-Pfizer-vaccine-is-dangerous)
4. Virtual real-estate can be worth upwards of $500,000, according to this Hacker Noon article by Dan Khomenko (https://hackernoon.com/nfts-metaverses-and-the-virtual-real-estate-q9l34ul)

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