ERP and CRM Software Comparison

ERP and CRM Software Comparison

The topic of CRM and ERP software has always been the concern of businesses and managers. Frequently asked questions are what CRM is, what is, what the goals of these two types of software are? Why we have to apply CRM and ERP software?

If a business wants to use these two applications to improve the performance of their business, what application setting should they apply first, how to distinguish CRM and ERP.

Overview Of  ERP Software

ERP is the shortened name of Enterprise Resource Planning, which is software that helps to plan and organize resources more efficiently.

The goal of ERP software is to maximize and improve business processes in the company to help the company run better, more cost-effectively, and thereby increase profitability.

Your company has a staffing of about 50 to 100 people, so everything from finance, monthly salary transfer to employment, recruiting, and other processes will be very complex. ERP software will help you improve your business processes.

The ERP software includes all the support features for the following parts:

  • Accounting / Finance section: Supports calculation of salary, cash flow of the company, the accounting process is automatic, clear, and fast.
  • Human resources, recruitment, calculation support personnel operations.
  • ERP software supports production activities.
  • Supply chain support.

ERP software focuses on the processes within the company, and the critical goal of ERP is to increase the efficiency of those processes.

At first, your company has ten employees, and you can manage your own, salary calculation for staff.

Then your company has 20 people; you can recruit two accountants to handle the accounting matters of the business. Your company continues to grow with 50 to 70 people, so you need more accountants to solve problems such as cash flow, employee salaries.

But when the business grows to 100 to 300 people, you can not continue to add accountants and dilate the accounting department. With other departments such as personnel, production, purchasing the same.

ERP software is essential to help you improve the efficiency of these processes and reduce operating costs by eliminating the need to increase the number of employees, especially with clear, supportive, and complete processes.

Overview Of CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is a relationship management application for customers. The goal of CRM software is to store, measure, and record the interactions and transactions with your customers. All interactions with customers are recorded.

In particular, you have a customer in the CRM software list; you can not remember how to approach them. Did you call the customer? When is the appointment with the customer?

How many emails did you send to your customers and what was their email content? How many times have you met? How is the content? How does interaction work with other customers?

By the day you can work with a lot of customers, you can bypass your customers if you do not have a reminder or store of information. CRM software ensures all the information, transactions with customers to be recorded on the data system.

CRM software is usually associated with:

  • Customer care.
  • Support an efficient sales process.
  • Measure customers to re-engage with your business. CRM software recreates customer feedback on the products the business provides.
  • Record incoming calls, outgoing calls with full content keeping employees and customers.

Bottom line, CRM software helps businesses manage all sorts of interactions with customers. Therefore, the focus of CRM on the customer and support sales and marketing can know the needs of customers.

Thanks to the CRM software, departments know what employees are doing and what they can do to make their sales better, persuade them to buy more, and increase loyalty.

The ultimate goal of CRM software is to increase sales revenue and increase customer loyalty with your brand.

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