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Handy Tips: Top Cybersecurity Auditing Tools in 2021

Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic and digitalization, there is a sudden rise in malicious cyberattacks in existing computer systems of companies worldwide. The advancements in cutting-edge technologies try to provide the utmost cybersecurity to companies in order to protect all types of confidential and sensitive data from potential data breaches. Audit tools are essential to protect any kind of business from the hands of the darkweb. Let’s explore some of the useful cybersecurity auditing tools or otherwise known as network security auditing tools for identifying potential security risks and fix those efficiently and effectively.

Top cybersecurity auditing tools in 2021


Intruder is one of the top cybersecurity auditing tools to use in 2021 for seeking weaknesses in systems before malicious cyberattacks. It is an online vulnerability scanner to find cybersecurity weaknesses in the digital infrastructure to avoid expensive data breaches. Tech companies can get access to servers, cloud systems, websites, as well as endpoint devices to scan with the industry-leading scanning engines. This cybersecurity auditing tool helps in seeking weaknesses including missing patches, misconfigurations, encryption weaknesses, and application bugs in unauthenticated areas. This audit tool provides automatic scanning while securing the evolving IT environment efficiently and effectively. Intruder offers services such as continuous vulnerability management, attack surface monitoring, effortless reporting and compliance, intelligent result as well as continuous penetration testing.


OpenVAS is one of the popular cybersecurity auditing tools as a full-featured vulnerability assessment scanner to provide top-notch cybersecurity. It offers a wide range of services such as unauthenticated and authenticated testing, high-level and low-level internet and industrial protocols, performance tuning for large-scale scans, powerful internal programming language, and many more. It is a part of the commercial vulnerability management product family Greenbone Security Manager that protects companies from costly data breaches in the future. This audit tool follows a strict process in the vulnerability management solutions— identify weaknesses, assess risk potentials, and recommend the appropriate and favourable measures to implement high-level cybersecurity with hardware appliances, virtual appliances, and Greenbone cloud services.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager is used by multiple tech companies to incorporate high-level cybersecurity into the existing systems. It helps to reduce cost and save time to remain compliant with automated network configuration management and backup to eliminate data breaches from the future. It has some exciting and useful features such as vulnerability detection, network automation, configuration backup and restore, network inventory, and cyber auditing for compliance. This audit tool helps tech companies to see when a configuration in the network service path has changed, identify performance and configuration issues on key network devices, and accelerate troubleshooting for performance issues with its different products such as SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, Network Insight for Cisco Nexus, Cisco ASA, Palo Alto Network devices, and PerfStack feature in the Orion Platform.


Nessus is one of the top cybersecurity auditing tools in 2021 focused on deploying security technologies with the gold standard for vulnerability assessment. It provides high speed with in-depth assessments and free training. This audit tool is also helpful for educators, consultants, security practitioners, students, and working professionals to start their careers in cybersecurity. It provides utmost protection from future data breaches with unlimited assessments, configuration assessments, configurable reports, and on-demand training.  Predictive Prioritization provides assistance in most critical cybersecurity issues with over 100 zero-day vulnerabilities.

Syxsense Manage

Syxsense Manage is focused on managing all endpoints inside and outside the network with full coverage for all types of operating systems and endpoints to eliminate potential causes of data breaches. This audit tool helps to protect confidential data from future cyberattacks efficiently and effectively. It offers full endpoint intelligence with OS, hardware, and software inventory details with patch deployment and cloud-native foundation. Tech companies can track patches, severity, and exploited weaknesses to overcome the modern techniques of cyberattacks. This cybersecurity auditing tool helps to prevent cyberattacks by scanning authorization issues, security implementation issues, and antivirus status.

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