Here’s Who Can Ask for Your Vaccination Status

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Here’s Who Can Ask for Your Vaccination Status
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Majorie Taylor Greene isn’t really known for being reserved. The far-right Georgia rep hasn’t been afraid to fearlessly support Nancy Pelosi’s theoretical execution, blame California’s wildfires on Jewish Space Lasers, or ask whether a school shooting was actually an elaborately staged inside job. No topic is too racist, too homophobic, or too taboo to be commented on—except for one: whether she’s been vaccinated.


That question “is a violation of my HIPAA rights,” she told a reporter during a Tuesday press conference held in the wake of her latest Twitter suspension.

According to Twitter, Greene was hit with the 12-hour moratorium after she used the platform to propagate misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccines, which she most recently referred to as part of some nebulous “human experiment.” Sure, most would agree with overwhelming evidence that suggests getting jabbed is an easy way to combat future infections, but Greene isn’t most people. She isn’t going to let the Biden administration bully her oldest (and most at-risk) constituents into getting vaccinated, and she isn’t going to let some Mainstream Media outlet bully her into disclosing her vax status—especially not when she had a federal privacy law on her side.

“You see with HIPAA rights, we don’t have to reveal our medical records and that also involves our vaccine records,” she said, with the confidence of someone who’s invoked that line at least a dozen times when talking to the press. She also couldn’t be more wrong.

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