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How to Get Featured on Analytics Insight

How to Get Featured on Analytics Insight

Analytics Insight

Analytics Insight is a print and online media publication which monitors developments, recognition, and achievements made by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Robotics companies across the globe.

Analytics Insight offerings include:

Articles and Thought Leadership  Insights

Covers the leading-edge trends and technologies that today’s tech leaders and managers need to understand in-depth. It is known for its deep access, in-depth reporting, unique perspectives, and coverage of the latest technologies.


Analytics Insight publishes the World’s first print and online magazine focusing on disruptive technologies such as AI, Big Data and Robotics. The magazine features opinions and views from top leaders and executives in the industry who share their journey, experiences, success stories, and knowledge to grow profitable businesses.

Reports and White Papers

Analytics Insight offers industry-focused White papers and Reports to help companies stay ahead of the competition by: It combines insights from more than 1,000 CEO interviews with expert analysis to produce a series of reports across disruptive technologies covering various industries.


Analytics Insight Podcasts provide personal insights and comments from key decision-makers in their respective industries and topics. And, we make these contributions audible.

In order to get your company or innovation published on any of the above features. Please send us the following:

1. A brief overview of the company background, its specialization and services.

2. The disruptive innovation achieved by the company

3. How does the innovation disrupt the existing market

4. How the company is contributing to the market and benefiting the clients.

5. What makes the company innovative?

6. The challenges and potential drawbacks of your disruptive innovation

7.  How do you see the company/industry in the future ahead?

What are the benefits:

Brand Exposure: Every company/executive that applies will be evaluated by Analytics Insight’s editorial staff. Companies and executives featured get extensive visibility on

The website averages over 2.6 million unique visitors monthly with over 3.9 million page views. The company’s profile and the magazine will be promoted extensively on Social Media Channels, Subscribers, and Email Marketing.

Recognition: The companies featured will receive a Certificate of Honor and a high-resolution PDF of the profile which can be used for media circulation and the same can be included on websites and profiles.

Business Gains: Industry recognition can be a boost up to your innovative product’s Sales and Marketing channels, Fundraising and M&A initiatives. It will also help your company attract top talent in the industry.

Thought Leadership: Opportunity to share expertise with our audience. More than one million big data, AI and Robotics professionals visit Analytics Insight each month to stay informed as they plan, design and build world-class solutions.

You can email us the above to

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