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Into the Depths of Wikipedia

Into the Depths of Wikipedia

Annie Rauwerda is a neurology student by day and an Instagram curator by night. Since the pandemic, Annie has grown her Depths of Wikipedia Instagram page to 376k followers and counting. Amy Tom talks to Annie about how she grew her page, how she connects with her followers, and how she decides what to post. 🏋️‍♂️

On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast:

– What is the Depths of Wikipedia’s Instagram page all about? (00:50) 📱
– How did Annie grow her Instagram page? (02:22) 🤳
– How does Annie decide what to post? (08:32) 🙊
– What is the Wikipedia community like? (15:16) 🤝
– How does Annie diversify her content? (20:10) 🍀
– What is Annie’s advice for hacking the Instagram algorithm? (24:04) 🌟

Follow Annie Rauwerda:

– Follow Depths of Wikipedia on Instagram [@depthsofwikipedia](
– Check out Annie’s website: [](



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