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Is the Gambling Market Ready for Robotics

Robotics Technology

The gambling market seems geared up for the robotic technology

The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 generated massive hype and it was a real shame it got canceled. One of the reasons why everyone was excited is the robots that were heavily advertised. Due to the number of futuristic sci-fi movies where machines are featured, it’s understandable that people are pretty hyped about the possibility of having artificial helpers. Today we are closer than ever to make those scenarios into reality, and we will focus on the gambling market. More precisely, we will discuss if casinos are ready to implement robotics and provide superior entertainment.

Robot Workers

The reason why we are so close to the setting presented in futuristic movies is that we already rely on robots for a lot of things. AI-driven machines are already used to aid production and packing, and these inventions are here to stay. Of course, there is still a long way to go when it comes to creating a human-like robot, but that can also look a bit scary to many, so it’s not too bad that these are not still a thing. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal for casinos that want to work 24/7 to get robot workers that can perform certain tasks.

Is This a Good Idea Though?

Truth be told, people don’t exactly go to a casino to see robots, they go to play games, and really enjoy the atmosphere these luxurious establishments can provide. However, if you were to visit a no-wagering casino in order to try out different games without any stakes, you will see something interesting. A lot of these sites offer games with live dealers, and in most cases, that dealer is an attractive female. In other words, players aren’t too eager to have a robot as a dealer, at least when online gambling is concerned.

It Can Become a New Trend

Even if we assume that one of the appeals is an attractive dealer this does not mean it is a bad idea or that it will flop. If we think about it robots are becoming a new trend and as far as land-based casinos go those are likely to be an attraction. Taking into consideration that robots are expensive and that it would definitely make a gambling institution more unique, this could be a killer move marketing-wise. So, for anyone who is working as a casino analyst and trying to figure out potential new trends, this would be a great topic for analysis. It’s safe to say that it would be a top-notch attraction until it catches on and becomes a common occurrence.

Advantages of Robot Dealers

From a business perspective casino owners are likely to consider this option because it’s cheaper than paying a salary to a live dealer. Also, a machine relies on cameras and this could allow them to monitor player behavior at greater efficiency and suppress cheating. Lastly, it could simply be a new attraction as stated. Unfortunately other than that, there aren’t any upsides to it.


The obvious disadvantage is that players are not interacting with human beings, and machines are not receptive to human emotion and behavior. Also, a dealer can be more reactive and more charming than a robot which has a massive impact on an overall player experience. Meaning, it’s better to play with someone with whom you can make a connection, and who can provide words of encouragement when needed. An advanced robot might be able to do all of these things but the current technology can not create an authentic dealer replica.


To sum up, robots are awesome and intriguing, on top of that they can be quite useful for helping out with manual work. However, if we talk about machines who can replace the dealer they leave much to be desired. This is a profession and it takes a specific type of personality and skill to be good at it. This is why it’s too soon for robotics to enter the world of casinos.

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