Know Your Top 5 Tech Stocks to Buy on September 24, 2021

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Know Your Top 5 Tech Stocks to Buy on September 24, 2021

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It is well-known that the global tech market is not as volatile and risky as the cryptocurrency market. Investors are highly attracted to the advancements in machines through cutting-edge technologies from eminent tech companies. It is common to feel overwhelmed when there are more than thousands of tech stocks to buy for a stable future. Here is a list of the top five tech stocks for investors to buy today!

Analytics Insight provides a list of the top 5 tech stocks, according to Yahoo Finance.

Peloton Interactive, Inc.

Current price: US$94.38

Market cap: US$28.36 billion

Peloton Interactive, Inc. is a rising New York-based tech stock for investors to buy today because it provides interactive fitness products across the world including connected fitness products with touchscreen. These tech products streams live and on-demand classes with connected fitness subscriptions as well as the Peloton Digital app.

Exela Technologies, Inc.

Current price: US$2.14

Market cap: US$308.25 million

Exela Technologies, Inc. is a well-known Texas-based tech company that provides transaction processing solutions, enterprise information management, document management, and digital business process services across the world. It operates in three segments known as Information and Transaction Processing Solutions (ITPS), Healthcare Solutions (HS), as well as Legal and Loss Prevention Services (LLPS).

SOS Ltd.

Current price: US$2.46

Market cap: US$460.33 million

SOS Limited is one of the top tech stocks for investors because it provides data mining and analysis services to corporate as well as individual members in the People’s Republic of China. This tech company is popular for offering marketing data, technology, and solutions for insurance companies. It also operates SOS cloud emergency rescue service software to offer basic cloud products to industries such as insurance, financial institutions, medical institutions, healthcare, and many more.

TD Holdings, Inc.

Current price: US$0.69

Market cap: US$69.63 million

TD Holdings is known for engaging in commodities trading and supply chain service businesses in China. It covers a wide range of commodities such as non-ferrous metals, coal, rubber, and many more. This tech company is a one-stop commodity supply chain service and digital intelligence supply chain platform for enterprises, warehouses, information, and so on.

Aspen Technology Inc.

Current price: US$125.31

Market cap: US$8.41 billion

Aspen Technology, Inc. is one of the popular tech stocks to buy that provides asset optimization solutions across the world. It offers two segments known as subscription and software as well as services and others. The wide range of software includes aspenONE Engineering, aspenONE Manufacturing, and Supply chain, as well as aspenONE Asset Performance.

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