Microsoft CEO sold half of his shares in the company

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Satya Nadella, Microsoft ‘s CEO, sold half of his shares in the company last week, according to a document from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Of the 1.7 million shares he owned, he sold 838,584 in the short term of two days. This sale is the largest he has made to date.


To assuage the doubts that were inevitably going to emerge about Microsoft’s future, the company released a statement in which they explained that the decision to sell its shares is to diversify its personal finances and is not related to its trust in the technology giant.

“Satya sold approximately 840,000 shares of her Microsoft stock holdings for diversification and personal financial planning purposes. He is committed to the continued success of the company and his holdings significantly exceed the participation requirements set by the Microsoft Board of Directors, ”a Microsoft spokesperson said in an interview.

Several analysts commented that the decision may have been influenced by Washington state’s decision to require a 7% tax on long-term earnings greater than $ 250,000 a year. He is not the first millionaire to make a similar decision, analysts mention that Elon Musk also recently pledged to sell a percentage of his shares.

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