New Pixel 6 Leak Reveals Camera Specs and Features

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New Pixel 6 Leak Reveals Camera Specs and Features
A photo of the Pixel 6 laying face down
The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will likely have beefy cameras with plenty of AI smarts, just like their predecessors.
Image: Google

One of the main selling points for Google’s Pixel phone lineup has always been the cameras, and the Pixel 6 looks to continue that tradition. camera has long been the main selling point of Google’s Pixel smartphones.


According to XDA Developers, which was provided with an internal, unreleased version of Google’s Camera app and additional camera details from an unnamed source, the Pixel 6’s camera upgrades will include manual white balance adjustment and a so-called magic eraser, which will hopefully bring the object removal tool I’ve been waiting for from Google since it announced it at I/O 2017.

With a bit of reverse engineering, it looks like XDA Developers figured out the camera specs for both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The camera band seen on the back may house a 50-megapixel camera for the primary lens and a 12-MP ultra-wide-angle camera. The Pixel 6 Pro will also have a rear 48-MP telephoto lens. In front, the Pro will have a 12-MP selfie cam and the Pixel 6 will have an 8-MP lens. Camera app code points to the Pro’s wide-angle selfie functionality, though no field-of-view details were listed.

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will presumably both support 4K video recording at 60 fps on their main camera lenses, with zoom up to 7x. XDA discovered that recording at a lower frame rate could enable zoom levels up to 20x.