Smart Toys: New AI-Powered Toys for Kids to Watch Out for this Month

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Smart Toys: New AI-Powered Toys for Kids to Watch Out for this Month


Get your hands on these new AI-powered toys for your kids.

Times are changing, and so are toys!  AI-powered toys, also known as smart toys, are playthings that have some level of artificial intelligence, which means they can learn, change how they communicate with the user, respond to external stimuli, and follow pre-programmed patterns. The level of intelligence in these toys varies greatly, with some ability to interact with users through voice recognition, touch sensors, and smartphone apps.

According to the World Economic Forum, smart toys use AI to learn about the child user and personalize the play or learning experience for them. They can learn a child’s favorite color, song, and learn to recognize that child and other familiar people in that child’s life. While this may sound futuristic, there are many smart toys that already provide these capabilities. The market for these toys is rapidly expanding and will grow to $18 billion by 2023.

Here are some of the new AI-powered toys for kids to watch out for this month:

Makeblock Codeybot LED Laser Turret Battle Mode-Programmable Robot Kit for Kids (Multicolour)

This innovative invention can teach your children the fundamentals of programming through a variety of intuitive features. It is a modern engaging robot that is simple to use. Programming will be a lot of fun with this robot; you can program its LED display, or a course, move or adventure, Codeybot is a programming language and library developed by Google.

Artie 3000

Artie 3000 is a new coding robot that enjoys drawing. It can be programmed to draw a variety of pre-programmed shapes or anything you can think of. It’s an easy-to-use and code robot that reminds us of the drawing turtle from the 1980s. Kids can program the robot using a PC, Mac, or phone, and Artie comes with a variety of games so it isn’t all work and no play.

Talking Tom Cat AI Touch Response Record with Cool Flash Light Eyes

Allow your children, as well as yourself, to fall in love with this amazingly sweet, always responding talking TOM with touch features. It records, responds to your questions, sings songs, and much more.

The toy is really easy to use. Simply tap the TOM at the locations below to receive an answer. Anything you say to TOM is recorded and repeated back to you.

Hatchimals Surprise

Instead of only one Hatchimals, you get two small creatures eager to break free from the shell with Hatchimals Surprise. The toy’s goal is to provide love and nurturing to each Hatchimal in order to help it hatch. When they do enter the new world, the owner must assist them in growing from a baby to a toddler to a child. The twins, as they are called, are able to recognize one another, exchange secrets, play games, and dance with one another.

Hot Wheels A.I. Car and Controller Street Shaker Car Controller

The AI Street Shaker smart car and gaming controller can add more players to your set and extend the race. With the AI starter kit, racers can follow the smart track or race independently in ai mode, as well as off-track in RC mode. Hot Wheels innovation brings you the ultimate racing package, complete with advanced artificial intelligence smart cars that keep you on course.

Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini is a little version of the original app-controlled robot toy. You can power it with various modes in the Sphero Mini app, or you can just use your face, thanks to a new feature called Face Drive, which is the size of a ping pong ball. The ball is driven by your facial expressions.

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