Spider-Man’s Got a New Comic With a Creepy as Hell Theme Song

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Spider-Man’s Got a New Comic With a Creepy as Hell Theme Song
Peter Parker in his Spider-Man costume, looking angrily at the viewer.
Image: Marvel Comics/Juan Ferreyra

Seasons may shift and the leaves may change colors, but there will always be another Spider-Man comic from Marvel digging into another facet of Peter Parker’s life. At a time when he just really ain’t having his best day, and even more badness is on the horizon for him and his friends, here comes Spine Tingling Spider-Man to add some more trouble onto the original webhead’s life.


The new comic, from current Miles Morales writer Saladin Ahmed and Spider-Man Noir artist Juan Ferreyra, is billed by the former as a “horror tinged” series to truly mess with Peter Parker’s head. Horror is something that Marvel’s spider-heroes occasionally dabble into from time to time (unless you’re Venom, where it’s most of what he gets mixed up in), and Ahmed promises it’ll be fitting given how folks are getting their scares on for the month. With the book out in a couple of days, he’s been keeping things pretty close to the chest (outside of some artwork from Ferreyra that looks pretty great), and the only thing that he has revealed is that his book has a theme song! And it’s definitely spine tingling, oh boy.

“Close, close your eyes,” the singer croons, “go, go to sleep. The man with the knife cuts down the sheep.” Backed by a piano while a web is slowly being weaved, it’s definitely spooky, and the lyrics provide some teases about what’s to come. Ignoring those very unsettling chuckles, things get considerably more sinister as the song continues, with the song ending rather possessively on “the little old lady is now mine to keep.” If it’s Aunt May in danger again, hopefully Peter won’t have to make any deals and piss people off.