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This mathematical brain model may pave the way for more human-like AI

Last week, Google Research held an online workshop on the conceptual understanding of deep learning. The workshop, which featured presentations by award-winning computer scientists and neuroscientists, discussed how new findings in deep learning and neuroscience can help create better artificial intelligence systems. While all the presentations and discussions were worth watching (and I might revisit them again...


We have 10 years to cut transport emissions in half — here’s how

This article was written by Max Gruenig, Senior Policy Advisor at E3G and Co-founder, POCACITO on The Urban Mobility Daily, the content site of the Urban Mobility Company, a Paris-based company which is moving the business of mobility forward through physical and virtual events and services. Join their community of 10K+ global mobility professionals by...


Bacteria are better alien hunters than you — sorry, squishy human

Are we alone in the universe? The famous Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) programme has been trying to answer this question since 1959. American astronomer Carl Sagan, and many others, believed that other human-like civilisations must exist, and that we could communicate with them. But sceptics are not convinced, arguing the lack of evidence for...


The Age of Autonomous Killer Robots May Already Be Here

A “lethal” weaponized drone “hunted down” and “remotely engaged” human targets without its handlers’ say-so during a conflict in Libya last year, according to a United Nations report first covered by New Scientist this week. Whether there were any casualties remains unclear, but if confirmed, it would likely be the… Read more…