There’s More To The Mobile Phone World Than What We Know

There’s More To The Mobile Phone World Than What We Know

All the headlines on mobile phones seem to be monopolized by the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S II, and Blackberry Bold 9900. It comes with no surprise, as these phones have truly shown themselves to be a cut above the rest of the riff raff.

That being said, it should also be understood that even falling on the wayside of the news on mobile phones, two phones, namely the HTC Desire S and the Sony Xperia Play, should be given a bit of the limelight too, as they are also deserving of lauded respect for their fantastic capabilities.

One of the aforementioned mobile phones, the HTC Desire S was sadly underpowered to even consider being competitive against the tower of power dual core mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Sensation, which interestingly enough, is actually made by the same company.

Sad to say, it can’t even compete with the HTC Wildfire S; not for a lack of power, but rather, due to the fact that it doesn’t come with the same affordable price.

However, this does not deny the face that this is actually a pretty good phone. Not the kind of mobile that changes the landscape of mobile phone technology or something, but it nonetheless is a great phone. Its design has a highly attractive aesthetic appeal, as well as owning the Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its operating system. This allows the Desire S the access to most of the applications from the market at Android, and comes at a great variety of colours to choose from.

To the many, many people foaming at the mouth for a mobile phone that works as a gaming console as well, the revelation that a mobile phone was to be made that was also given the moniker as being the PSP Phone was like all the best things that happened in their life put together was put to shame by this moment.

That’s actually the problem, because the expectations people will have on these phones are really very high, and even the slightest mistake would lead to great disappointment. Honestly, the phone is actually decent with fantastic controls, and with a hopeful influx of games, things are looking good.

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