This portable power station is the ultimate emergency support — and it’s $150 off

Home Technology This portable power station is the ultimate emergency support — and it’s $150 off

TLDR: The EcoFlow River Max Portable Power Station offers ready backup power when you need it most with enough juice to run up to 80 percent of your essential devices.

In just the last few weeks, hurricanes, wildfires, and heat warnings have left thousands of people without power right in the midst of a potential disaster. While many persevered and came through those anxious moments no worse for wear, there’s little scarier than being left without lights and communication when a serious event is bearing down on your home and family.

Emergency power never seems like a big deal…until the emergency, that is. Just having a fallback option like the EcoFlow River Max Portable Power Station ($449.95, 24 percent off, from TNW Deals) offers much needed security and peace of mind in trying times.

At just 17 lbs. and under a foot long, this power hub can be stored comfortably in a cupboard until it’s needed. With its built-in EcoFlow X-Boost technology, the River Max can power devices up to 1800W, enough juice for about 80 percent of essential devices from kitchen appliances to tools to portable lights. That’s enough to recharge a MacBook about 10 times, keep a TV running for up to 8 hours, or run an electric frying pan, kettle, and blender to keep making meals through an outage.

In fact, with three AC outlets and a host of USB and even car power outputs, users can keep up to 10 devices powered up and working simultaneously.

This power station also lets users better control the flow of their energy stores with an extra battery, which doubles its capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh when the lights remain out. 

The River Max also offers one of the fastest recharging rates around for a similar power station, recharging from zero to 80 percent within just an hour. The battery can also be easily attached to a pair of110W solar panels capable of restoring your power supply in 3 to 6 hours.

While this charging hub is a perfect home support plan, it’s also well suited to be kept in the back of a car for any traveling or outdoor adventuring as well. 

Regularly $599, the EcoFlow River Max Portable Power Station is now on sale at almost 25 percent off that price, down to just $449.95.

Prices are subject to change

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