Top 10 Countries with Greatest Opportunities for Data Scientists in 2022

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Top 10 Countries with Greatest Opportunities for Data Scientists in 2022

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The demand for qualified data scientists is still increasing because there is a huge gap between demand and supply chain.

Data science is said to be the hottest profession of the 21st century. The significance of data science cannot be denied because it has the potential to boost businesses. Data science creates a revolution in every field. The expanding use of data science leverages many fields, so the world needs more data scientists. Every day new jobs are posted and new job roles are created within various industries. The demand for qualified data scientists is still increasing because there is a huge gap between demand and supply chain. More businesses start using data science algorithms to boost their businesses as more jobs are created. Data science is also known as the most lucrative job field. Almost all countries that have big industries are using data science on various grounds. This article lists the top 10 countries with the greatest opportunities for data scientists in 2022.

United States

The US holds an upper hand among its peers when it comes to data scientists’ salaries, this fact is true for entry-level and senior position salaries. It is projected that US tech companies will spend over US$2.3 billion by 2022 to poach and acquire talent wherever they get it. Tech giants in the US are desperate to fill senior roles, offering an average annual salary of a mammoth US$415,000, due in part to a global talent shortage.


The demand for data science skills is so high in the EU that European countries are forced to recruit skilled specialists from outside the EU to fill the vacancies. Not far behind is Finland which calculates that they need about 9,000 software developers and that number is expected to rise to 23,000 by 2022 as the population ages and industry demand grows. According to the latest research estimates, by 2030, Germany could face a shortage of 3 million skilled workers, with a considerable number of them being IT professionals.

United Kingdom

According to recruitment specialists, the United Kingdom has a huge demand for data science skills which has almost tripled over the last three years. The UK’s demand for data science skills has been growing much faster than in Australia, Canada and the US. The UK has witnessed a significant rise in the adoption of data science.

South Africa

The country is busy revolutionizing its technology by leveraging AI, IoT, data science, machine learning, and whatnot. Extracting actionable data for revolutionizing the business processes and boosting growth requires the deployment of heavy data-driven tools and applications, one of the many reasons data science has grown in this country.


When it comes to AI and its sub-technologies, The State Council of China is always at an upper edge. The country announced in July 2017 that it would lead the world in terms of AI technology, application, and theory by 2030. Indeed, China is actively investing in the data science sector while implementing technologies. Professionals with expertise in data science are in huge demand in China, where the domestic job market is unable to fill the huge amount of advertised positions.


In Japan, the data science industry is influenced by several opportunities and restraints. There has been a drastic rise in the use of social media through which the study of customer behaviours is done to make effective business strategies. Similar to the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world- at least the tech and finance industry in Japan regularly hires for data science positions. Indeed, shows more than 2,300 hirings of data scientists as full-time employees.


Canada is aspiring to take the leading position in AI development globally. The country is hugely focused on data science and investing heavily into developing a framework on ethics, policy, and the legal implications of AI. The jobs up for grabs in the country include data scientists, full-stack developers, DevOps engineers and machine learning engineers who make up the top three most demanded positions.

South Korea

In 2019, the government of South Korea decided to expand its domestic data market to trillion by 2022. There has been a paradigm shift in the country’s tech adoption which has strengthened its competitiveness in the tech industry. With growing influence in the industrial revolution, the use of data has now become crucial for companies.


India with its dynamic young population is a testing ground for some of the most exciting applications of AI from security to healthcare to logistics. With the goals of Digital India, the IT industry, on the whole, will require 50% more workforce equipped with digital skills. While most of the AI and machine learning development is concentrated along with Mumbai/Pune, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, the hiring industries are IT, e-commerce, BFSI, healthcare, retail and manufacturing.


Banks, telecoms and large-scale retailers are the biggest consumers of the country’s data science. One of the major setbacks that the country is overcoming is the lack of skilled data scientists and professionals. Primarily, lack of experience and implementation in Russian companies has caused major setbacks for the economy, but now the country is fighting back from its earlier conditions.


In recent years, the country has witnessed a massive hike in the manufacturing, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries. With the rising expansion of the use of AI and data analytics in these industries, it is very evident that Singapore has extensively adopted these technologies to provide improved services.

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