Top 5 Tech Stocks to Buy on 1st September, 2021

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Top 5 Tech Stocks to Buy on 1st September, 2021

Tech Stocks

With their distinctive AI-based goods and services for the benefit of society, tech businesses are prospering in the tech-driven market. In recent years, a number of tech stocks have attracted the attention of investors all around the world. Before investing their money and effort, investors should search for the best tech stocks to buy.

According to Yahoo Finance, Analytics Insight gives a list of the top 5 tech stocks.

CDK Global Inc.:

Current Price: US$ 41.63

Market Cap: US$ 5.1 billion

The automobile, heavy truck, recreation, and heavy equipment industries all benefit from CDK Global’s integrated data and technology solutions. Automotive dealerships and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from the company’s assistance in streamlining and optimizing their everyday operations. More than 30,000 retail customer locations are served by CDK Global. Roadster Inc., a digital marketplace for buying and selling automobiles, was acquired by the business in June. The roadster was purchased for $360 million by CDK Global.

HP Inc.:

Current Price: US$ 28.22

Market Cap: US$ 33.9 billion

HP is a leading provider of personal computing, imaging, and printing products and services across the world. Desktop and laptop computers, workstations, retail point-of-sale systems, displays, printers and hardware, and support and services are among the company’s products. Individual consumers, corporations, and governments are among HP’s clients. The firm has 27,000 patents and is active in 170 countries worldwide. HP decided to buy Teradici Corp., a developer of remote computing software that allows customers to securely access high-performance computing from a variety of devices, in late July. The agreement’s financial specifics were not released, but it is anticipated to close before the end of the year.

Arrow Electronics Inc.:

Current Price: US$ 117.42

Market Cap: US$ 8.4 billion

Arrow Electronics is a global supplier of electrical components, computer products, and innovative computing solutions to OEMs, contract manufacturers, and other businesses. Batteries, displays, sensors, memory devices, and a variety of other electrical components are distributed by the firm. It also provides associated services, software, and solutions. The firm employs around 20,000 people globally and serves over 180,000 clients in the technology industry and other industries.

Intel Corp.:

Current Price: US$ 52.44

Market Cap: US$ 212.8 billion

Intel creates computer components and accessories such as CPUs, chipsets, server products, memory and storage, ethernet devices, wireless connection products, and more. 11 Edge computing, 5G networks, cloud computing, AI, autonomous driving, and other conventional and upcoming computing technologies are all supported by its products. 12 Intel has a global workforce of around 110,600 employees.

Synnex Corp.:

Current Price: US$ 123.27

Market Cap: US$ 6.4 billion

Synnex is a technology company that offers IT solutions and value-added services such as distribution, shipping, and integration. IT systems and servers, system components, software, communication and security devices, and consumer electronics are among its key strengths. Synnex distributes over 40,000 technological items from more than 25,000 resellers and retail customers throughout the world.

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