Top Edge Data Centre Providers to Look Out For in 2022

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Top Edge Data Centre Providers to Look Out For in 2022

by December 3, 2021

Edge data centre providers

The aim of edge data centre providers is to revolutionize edge computing domain

An edge data centre is known as a provider of benefits of the combination of edge computing and distributed computing. Distributed computing includes a low latency, data sovereignty and many more. Edge data centres are smaller data centres with 2MW power capacity to gain services from central cloud servers and reduce the latency. Effective data management can be done by leveraging big data through edge data centre providers that have multiple features such as remotely monitored, modular and pre-fabricated, and edge location. There are multiple edge data centre companies that provide the space for edge computing. Let’s explore some of the top edge data centre providers to look out for in 2022.

Top edge data centre providers in 2022

American Tower

American Tower is one of the top edge data centre providers in 2022 with purposefully designed and managed collocation facilities in the edge data centre. It helps companies to achieve effective data management and data efficiency with network architecture and compute power. It provides a strategically located infrastructure on the network edge at a largescale. This edge data centre company offers turnkey infrastructure, reliability, and easiness with multiple applications such as enterprise network elasticity optimization, cloud services, high-bandwidth connections, and low latency applications such as AI, big data, IoT and many more.


DartPoints is a well-known edge data centre company since 2012 with the power to empower edge computing for carriers, network service providers, cloud providers, organizations, and content providers. It leverages the power of network interconnection to expand the business growth with technology goals. It serves as an edge data centre to IX and HPC providers, as well as cloud providers.BridgeIX helps with high connectivity and low latency connections with greater than 99.999% uptime. It is well known for leveraging big data to enhance protection with service level agreements, strategic locations, simplicity of turnkey colocation services and many more.

Edge Centre

Edge Centre is one of the top edge data centre providers offering colocation facilities with fibre crossing assets. It is popular for providing effective data centres in Grafton, Bendigo, Albury, Traralgon, Nowra, Townsville and many more. It offers colocation, transport, dark fibre, and remote hands with full-time support. There are 10 megawatts solar power and 50 MWH batteries while 21 Giga  being produced.  This edge data centre company provides a wide range of services such as colocation, interconnection, POI Connex and edge matrix.


EdgeMicrois a popular edge data centre company that deploys hundreds of network-neutral and modular edge data centres at fibre aggregation points. It provides higher performance and less backhaul with edge colocation. The micro edge data centres are there to remove complexity from edge computing with patent-pending Edge Traffic Exchange (ETX) technology. Companies can receive speed digital content delivery to the edge, reduced latency for a better customer experience and reduced OpEx from backhaul services.


AtlasEdge is one of the top edge data centre providers to enable the future of edge computing. The focus is to meet the challenge by delivering Europe’s next-gen edge computing platform. The edge data centre company is set to bring seamless and ultra-low latency digital infrastructure to clients across the world. It is determined to provide an effective data management by revolutionizing the future of edge technology. The services include colocation, edge colocation, interconnection, cloud access, IXP access and remote hands.

Vapor IO

Vapor IO is another popular edge data centre company providing Kinetic Edge as a network of edge data centre and interconnection facilities to bring cloud services to the edge of the wireless network. It is focused on building the foundation for the next-gen internet to deploy high-performance and software-driven and autonomous networks. It provides kinetic grid platform and kinetic edge architectures with edge-to-edge networking, edge-to-edge colocation, edge-to-edge interconnection, edge-to-edge intelligence and many more.

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