What Are the Best 5 Big Data Applications in Education for the Upcoming 2022?

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What Are the Best 5 Big Data Applications in Education for the Upcoming 2022?

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Here is the list of the best 5 big data applications in education for the upcoming 2022

Hundreds of thousands of respectable and important data are constantly shared every year on the Internet. Everything that exists online is some kind of data, right? People use their personal information and store them in safe places. Employers are using the information of their employees in order to determine their finances or cooperators. Even educational institutions need data on the students for their enrollment. All kinds of this information must be well-protected somewhere and kept untouched. Naturally, the term “Big Data” has a special meaning and purpose. To simply put, it includes large amounts of data stored in one place. This information is being analyzed frequently. And just for that purpose, many companies around the world need to possess high-quality big data applications that will do the job for them. It can be a tough and boring task and that’s the reason why people like calling technology for help. So, let’s see what are the best 5 big data applications that will be a true boom in the following year.

1.  More Precise Grading System Apps – GradeBook Pro

When it comes to educational institutions like high schools and colleges, something they are faced with constantly is the lack of accuracy in grading systems. One of the best apps of this kind is called GradeBook Pro. With it, there will be no longer need for taking a college essay writing service. It will all be in one spot. Nowadays, it can often be the case that a student appeals his test result and considers their grade unfair. It all comes to teachers whose obligation is to evaluate the results of the students’ exams. They can do it while being tired from work and sometimes, mistakes can happen. It is part of every single job in the world. But to prevent this from repeating in waves, the best solution would be to use grading system apps that will do a 100% precise measurement of the exams. Big Data allows schools to collect and analyze student data to track their academic performance. It can also help them identify areas of interest for their students. Big data systems help teachers provide feedback and support students in making the right career choice. They can also monitor and analyze their students’ performances in real-time. These are all benefits of having grading system apps. With their use, there will be no more undeserved grades to appeal to.

2. Applications Related to Students’ Attention During Classes – CogniFit

It may sound awkward on the first site, but a lack of attention is present among the classes in big numbers. Students are simply not interested in certain topics or get attracted by something else like chatting with peers or surfing through the Internet on their phones. However, this will be totally changed with the CogniFit app. What if we tell you that big data applications can allow educators to see the level of students’ attention? Big Data applications in education are focused on the process of gaining a student’s attraction towards the curriculum. To effectively utilize the data collected by these systems, the students must pay attention to the lecture. Big Data experts are planning to use the data collected by students during lectures to analyze how they behave. They can also determine how much attention they were paying to the teacher. Facial expressions analysis, as well as heart rate numbers, can be easily detected with big data apps in 2022.

3. Sisense

One particular data application that will surely be useful in education for 2022 is Sisense. This platform is ideal for people with limited expertise in data analytics. It can easily scale to support large-scale deployments. Sisense is focused on making it easy for businesses to embed analytics everywhere. Its AI-driven platform helps organizations deliver better, faster decisions. More than 2,000 global companies rely on Sisense to drive innovation and disrupt markets. So, why educational institutions wouldn’t benefit from such a prolific and promising application?

4. Civitas Learning

Civitas Learning is a platform that helps students succeed academically and professionally. Students can forget about using a best essay writing service like they used to. Everything will be available with this phenomenal application. How? Well, it provides them with numerous tools and resources to help them reach their goals. So, the writing industry is surely among the ones that students can find help for. The Civitas platform collects data from various parts of a university and helps students make more informed decisions. It also helps faculty improve their efficiency. Texas State University, for example, needed to implement a more robust registration and planning process in the past due to an influx of students. The school was able to accomplish this by implementing the schedule planner solution from Civitas. It is more than enough proof of how beneficial this platform can be for the education of future generations.

5. 12Twenty

Another interesting big data application that will certainly have a bright future is 12Twenty. It is a data-driven platform that enables university career centers to manage and improve their operations. Its solutions include employer relations and career services management. The 12Twenty platform helps improve the response rates of student surveys, allowing universities to collect valuable data on their students. It also allows career advisors to create reports that take advantage of the data provided by the platform. 12Twenty helped UCLA Anderson improve their job survey response rate by over 99%. The platform also helped them track unique student outcomes. What else can you ask for? These facts are showing more than enough what kind of app this is. 12twenty is transforming the way universities and employers approach recruiting. Its suite of products helps students and career advisers manage the entire recruiting process. The goal of this platform is to achieve success and build a stable, rich platform that will fit all students’ needs and desires.


Among the sea of exciting and technologically advanced big data applications, it is never easy to select a group of 5 that will be the best. However, our goal is to present to your which ones will surely be useful for the entire education in the upcoming year. There will be many more of them that could potentially be good enough too. Hopefully, the ones we chose will prove we are correct and that students will not have issues using them!

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