Will Your Metaverse Death Sentence Bring the Same Fate in Real life?

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Will Your Metaverse Death Sentence Bring the Same Fate in Real life?


If you die in the metaverse, will you die in real life too? Read to Learn more.

“If you die in Metaverse, you die in real life.”- the viral meme from the company rebrand speech of Zuckerburg has been all over the internet and it really makes you wonder if there is any truth behind this! While memes about Meta/Facebook aren’t unusual, this one probably resonated with a lot of people given Facebook’s less-than-stellar track record of exploiting their users’ data for advertising revenue, and how this ethical track record might play out in the metaverse the company is developing.


The Concept of Self-Rule

Since Meta is a centralized entity, it can make its rules to favor whomever it wants without any oversight. For example, rules that are not favorable to specific segments of the platform. As the maker, it will by default be able to determine the rules by which its users are able to tokenize their assets and stake ownership of them in their metaverse. And like all centralized platforms without oversight, it will be the sole decision-maker to determine and enforce all rules of engagement among entities that wish to collaborate economically within the metaverse. At this rate, Meta is progressing towards creating and designing major elements that will allow the company to define the laws of its metaverse and those in it.


You Might Experience Social Death

And while the metaverse is not a real “place” as we currently understand space and time, netizens are right to fear a future where you can experience an economic and social death inside Meta’s vision of the metaverse. Meta/Facebook has had its sights set on the metaverse for some time, and by default, the business has already had experience working with the element of identity needed in the metaverse – because it was originally set up as a business to own and monetize its users’ identities.

The metaverse is slated to be the next economic engine for the global economy, driving a wave of activities and value creation. It is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ it will be fully realized, meaning we should be paying close attention to how Meta, and other tech companies, try to take control of the important components within the metaverse.

In this metaverse, when all major tools of economic productivity are owned and controlled by Meta, it follows that if the company chooses to deny you access to the metaverse, you would indeed ‘die’ an economic and social death. If de-platformed by Meta’s centralized metaverse, you could be left with no identity, no means of ownership of your assets, no access to the value you have accrued, and no means to economically collaborate with anyone in the metaverse you have been evicted from.

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