Zoom’s new AI will highlight the best bits of meetings for you

Home Technology Zoom’s new AI will highlight the best bits of meetings for you

If you’ve missed your company’s all-important meeting, you might have to go through the whole Zoom recording to catch up on stuff. Now, the video conferencing platform is introducing a new AI-powered feature that’ll show you highlights from the recorded meeting.

Once the meeting is over, the AI will automatically select the most important parts of the meeting. It’s understandable that you can’t rely entirely on the algorithm, so Zoom will allow you to “adjust” these important parts, so people watching it later won’t miss anything.

When I asked the company how this feature works, it said that AI selects the best parts of the meeting based on keywords.So, you need to record this meeting with automatic audio transcription enabled, and once the recording is finished the AI will look at the transcript.

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The firm didn’t reveal much about how the AI works. But I’m guessing the algorithm looks at English words and removes pleasantries, and small talk. This might not work well with teams that work in a multilingual manner.

Zoom’s new AI-powered feature is available to only paid customers through cloud recording.

Apart from this, the company has also introduced new virtual background management, notification for a recorded call, and new developer support channels. You can read more about it here (link once blog is published).

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